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Dummy Clips Safety and Care Instructions

Safety is of paramount importance at Country Bubkins, so please read the following information carefully before giving your baby their new dummy clip.


Please ensure your child is supervised at all times when using their dummy clip. Babies can inhale, choke or swallow beads if the dummy clip becomes damaged with excess use, therefore this product must be discarded after 3 months of use.

Please note our dummy clips are not toys or teething products and babies/children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while items are in use.

Do not use while your baby is in his/her cot, car seat, bassinet, pram or playpen as the product can risk being caught and strangulate your baby/child.

Do not attach to accessories such as bibs or scarves.

Clean with a damp cloth - lukewarm water only and air dry after cleaning. Do not put in water.

Secure the clip away from the baby’s mouth (clipping towards the shoulders or chest position is best) and always remove the dummy clip while the baby is sleeping.

Dummy clips are made from raw round beads and silicone beads which are BPA & toxin free.

All dummy clips are made to comply with the DIN EN 12586: 2007 – Child use and Care Articles – Safety Requirements and Test Methods.

CMC Dummy Clips

GST Included
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