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Introducing our top kid's music in a brand new album, 'Farm Hits for Kids!' by George the Farmer.

17 George the Farmer hits including:

The Buzzin' Bee Bop

The Food in the Fridge is From the Farm

Mango Bango

The Potato Song

Googy Eggs

We Love Beef

Mate! Where's my Next Sheep?

Trees are Good for the World

The Harvest Hop

Pulse Party

The Farm Safety Song

Fish and Ships

Crunchy, Munchy Apples

The Chicken Song

Asian Greens

Melons, the Joyous Fruit

Dairy Days

Warning: Be prepared to have these songs on repeat as the kiddies love them.

Note: You may end up cursing us.

George the Farmer - Farm Hits for Kids CD

GST Included
Only 5 left in stock
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