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Pre-order only- once order is placed please give atleast 3-10 business days for it to arrive to us, please ensure the extra time incase your order has to be made.

Add a touch of little extra radiance to your home or workplace with this Natural Sheep Skin.

It is high quality 100% leather from New Zealand, known as the best place for sheep skin manufacturing. These small exceptionally soft and smooth skins add a timeless tradition in typing a room together in your home or workplace.

All rugs differ in sizing (can be between 95-105 cms), shape and thickness being natural but all are guaranteed as top superior quality.

Warm water and soap spot clean. Allow to dry naturally . No cleaners or chemicals to be used.

Cowhide rugs add a touch of glamour and exclusivity to your home and office space. These rugs are made with genuine cowhide and the exquisite hide markings make them look rustic and chic.

Revamping your interiors with cowhide rugs is a good way to add style and life to your home or office space, without redesigning the entire place. Individuality is what makes owning a cowhide rug one of the standout features.

This genuine leather product which is custom made for you with unique characteristics and textures of natural hide. No two pieces can ever be the same being natural and the markings are a feature of 100% premium natural leather.

Natural Sheep Skins

GST Included